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Introduction to Arduino

What is Arduino ?

Arduino development platform is offers open source hardware and software and it is really easy to use. This is used worldwide for many purposes such as hobby projects, prototyping etc.

Why Arduino ?

Arduino provides much more categories of development boards which are useful for various applications. Arduino is also provide its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The IDE is free to download and use from the official website of Arduino itself. There is a vast amount of Arduino Libraries available in this platform for simple execution of programs. And those libraries are free to access from the website and through the IDE. For quick development purposes, the functions implemented in these libraries can be used widely. This feature allows the user to use certain interfaces/modules without having any in depth knowledge about the internal structure or working of the development board. The main advantage of these are that, lack of technical or coding knowledge never become disturbance for development or creative thinking. Arduino were offers many expansion boards, which can be plugged into their boards and used. These all are enable fast and easy developments of particular purposes in real life.

Arduino Board and Types

Arduino is developing a wide range of development boards in the current scenario. Those having different in sizes, using different microcontrollers, and different processing capabilities. There are many entry level development boards such as UNO, LEONARDO, NANO, etc. And these boards having different enhanced features like, MEGA, PRO, ZERO etc. For IoT applications, the development boards are like the YUN, TIAN etc. And the wearable technology application uses the boards like LILYPAD, GEMMA etc. Depending on the need of application and the processing requirements, users can choose from any of these development boards.

Arduino IDE

The Arduino IDE is available in Arduino official website and is free to download. You can download the latest version from this website and can choose which type version you need depending upon the OS versions you are using. Online IDEs are also available now a day. To use the online IDE, it requires an individual user account created on the Arduino website. The IDE makes it easy to write codes on the platform and very easy to upload the to the Arduino boards. It can be used with any Arduino development board.

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