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Getting start with Arduino Uno

See how to connect Arduino Uno with your computer or laptop and upload arduino program. You must have a standard USB cable (A plug to B plug model)

Download the Arduino Software (IDE)

To get the latest version of Arduino IDE, go through the link given below

After completing the downloading, extract the downloaded file.

Arduino Uno Board connection Steps

The Arduino Uno gets power from external power supply or from the computer via USB connection. Using the USB cable, the Arduino can be connected to the computer system. The PWR (Seen as an LED) must go up.

Steps to Install the drivers for Arduino Uno Module:

1.Plug-in the Arduino board and wait for a moment.
2. Then, Click on Start Menu -->Control Panel --> System and Security --> Click on System.
3. If the System window is launched, open the Device Manager.
4. Find and click on "Arduino UNO (COMxx Port)". If there is no COM Port & LPT section, look under "Other Devices" for "Unknown Device".

5. Right click on the "Arduino UNO (COMxx)" port and choose the "Update Driver Software" option.

6. Click Next

7. Select and take file from computer option, then click next.

8. Select the "Browse my computer for Driver software" option.

9. Select the driver file named "arduino.inf", located in the "Drivers" folder of the Arduino Software download (Do not select the "FTDI USB Drivers" sub-directory).

If you are using an old version of the IDE (1.0.3 or older), choose the Uno driver file named "Arduino UNO.inf"

10. Installation completed.

Installing Arduino software (IDE) on the computer

1. Double-click the Arduino application (arduino.exe)
2. Select the components to install

3. Select the installation location (default location is more better)

4. Installing begins

5. When this box will appears, then click Install button.

6. Click “Close” after completing the installation.

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