Hexcodeplus  is an embedded innovative product development and services division that uses unique software designs and configurations to develop customer products & solutions through innovative applications of Robotics, IoT/Embedded applications, Computer Vision & AI-ML technologies.

Robotic Technology Services And Products

Robotics is a growing industry of advanced smart programmable machines, which can perform difficult tasks with ease.

Software Development


There are many categories of businesses, service-based industries, startup’s, educational institutions,   etc.

Embedded System Developments

Most of the people know that the combination of hardware and software is simply called as an embedded system.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The advanced form of embedded systems with some modifications tends to the term IoT, which enables the hardware devices to get live for a specific time as per the program.

Website Developments

The website is an entrance for every business nowadays. As per the design, look and showcase of services-led clients get to choose the company, is it? 

Artificial Intelligence

Robotics is a growing industry of advanced-smart programmable machines, which can perform difficult tasks with ease. 

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