Key features of Auxa Eats:

Contactless Menu - Guests can access the menu by scanning a QR code sticker using their smartphone. They can view the full menu, add items to their order, and see prices and quantity.

Contactless Ordering - System allows items to be modified and added to the order at any time. The order will be directly pushed into the Kitchen device for instant preparation.Billing counter will be updated with the live status of each table

Automatic Response from Kitchen - Guests can check in online using their smartphone, view wait time estimates in real time, and get notified sufficiently in advance.

Instant updates of menu and Quantity-Guests can check the availability of all dishes there won’t be a further order change that is. happening now due to proper updation of quantity to waiters in Restaurant.Automatically food Quantity numbers can be set and this will be updated automatically after each order.


Contactless Payment – The guest can pay the check using their own phone. Payment is enabled using secure technologies such as mobile wallet, offering convenience and additional peace of mind to guests.Also normal payment mode is also available.The billing counter will be updated with the total amount details.

Dining and Parcel – The guest can select even parcel with Auxa Eats.The waiting time for getting parcels can be reduced with Auxa Eats.

How It Works?

Contactless Menu

Scanning the QR code sticker on their table will give the menu.User can add items to from the digital menu to their order cart.The system allows additional items to be added at any time.

Contactless Order

Once they place the order, it be updated in the device at kitchen and simultaneously to the billing counter.

Contactless Payment

Once customers are ready to leave, their bill will be generated and they can pay through their smart phone.The payment status will be updated in the billing counter also,If the guest is not able to pay through smart phone device they can use the POS machine at the Billing Counter.

What Restaurant can Achieve through AUXA Eats?

Greater Customer Satisfaction:

AUXA Eats provides customers’ a platform to efficiently and effectively ordering food with all details.Live updation of all the details in the Kitchen device and in the counter side.

Increased Revenue:

Greater Customer satisfaction levels and quicker recovery times reduce revenue loss. Enhanced Customer experiences also increases the probability of positive recommendations for future visits.

Effective Solution for Social Distancing:

Auxa Eats allows guests to use their personal mobile devices to scan NFC tags and QR codes at restaurants to view the complete menu, place orders, and pay with their phone at the table without the need for touching any foreign surface or any contact with people outside of their dining party.