arduino project

Radar using arduino

DIY Radar using Arduino

arduino project

Components required

Arduino Uno R3 compatible(Buy Now)

Arduino uno R3 is an atemga328p based development board which consist of 13 digital pins and 6 analog pins, This board is one of the most popular development board among the Hobby circuit designers

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor(Buy Now)

HC-SR04 ultrasonic module is generally used t calculate the distance.As name implied this module works by creating ultrasonic sound and the time required to reach its echo(operating range 2cm to 400cm)

Servo Motor SG-90(Buy Now)

Here it gives the swing mechanism 

Jumper Cables

diy radar

Here we use a software to display real time Radar screen in our  computer named as processing3 ( click to download


Arduino code(click here)

Process3 code (click here)

Pins and connections

Servo pins: 

data pin — 12th pin of arduino



Ultrasonic Pins:

Trigger Pin to 10th pin of arduino

Echo pin to 11th pin of  arduino



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