Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes [AMOLED] is an advanced display technology used in mobile devices,laptops,television etc, since 2008. An organic layer emits light upon electrical activation in an OLED.Whereas AMOLED a Thin Film Transistor [tft] array is integrated to control the current flowing to each pixel.Each TFT work as a switch to control electric flow.


  • Low power consumption against LED,LCD display.
  • AMOLED panels are thineer ,lighter and more flexible compared to the rigid crystalline layer of LCD display. Curved,rolled and folded diplays are made possible through AMOLED display technology panels.
  • High contrast ration or in other words tghe difference between the brightest whites and darkest blacks is another advantage of AMOLED.
  • AMOLED panels have better response time and refresh rates then the conventional panels.This means the moving images are more fluid and soothing to the eyes.


  • organic materials in amoled have shorter life span then the synthetic materials found in LED and LCD.
  • AMOLED panels are highly vulnerable to water damage unlike LED and LCD.AMOLED panels immerses in water immediate;ly result in screen burnout or dead pixels. SO sealing of AMOLED panels to prevent water damage is impotant consideration in manufacturing of AMOLED panels.
  • AMOLED panels is difficult to view under direct sunlight as compared to LCDs. But the efficient workarounds have been able to resolve this problem. This includes reducing the size of gaps between the layers within the panel to reduce reflectivity of the layers. The screen is coated to improvetransparency and visibility. .


Visual experience with AMOLED panels is incomparable with other display technologies.This advantage has made AMOLED a popular choice among modern electronic consumers. High demand for products with shortyer product life cycle coupled with marked competition offset the problem concerning the shorter lifer span of AMOLED panels


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