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The population of elder people is growing rapidly and these days many of them have to stay alone, independently instead of old age homes. With increasing age, people tend to forget things which may create safety problems for them. In this paper, it is proposed to develop a Wireless Sensor Network based smart home system for such elder people to help them ease their work and provide them safe, sound and secure living.

A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is comprised of a large number of sensor n odes that are deployed in an unattended and remote environment to measure a few physiological parameters. The recent development in WSNs is the concept of Smart Homes. Smart homes integrate many devices that can sense the required parameters and control the characteristics of the home. The great progress in the industry standards and installation of lightweight wireless networking hardware over a period of time has proved ZigBee to be well suited for Smart homes and automation systems. ZigBee is a low cost, low power, less complex wireless standard. In this paper, sensors like temperature sensor, LPG sensor, Contact sensor are proposed to be deployed for fire detection, gas leakage detection and determination of whether any ELECTRICAL DEVICE is ON or OFF, respectively. .

Lab VIEW is used as a graphical user interface. In case of any emergency, a warning message will be generated, and played through a BUZER for the user to take notice of the same and an SMS will be sent to the caregiver using GSM modem to take preventive action. Civilization is becoming increasingly aware of natural resources, it results in the use of propane and butane, and hence the use of LPG. Across India most people use the LPG cylinders. As per current government regulations, intense demand but shortage in production of LPG cylinder, once a new cylinder is booked we need to wait for some days to get it de-livered . Currently no cost-efficient technique is available which identifies when cylinder is about to get empty. In this paper we designed, developed, a proven Automated Unified System using smart Pervasive sensors, where LPG retailer requests for a new cylinder using Short Message Service (SMS) .once it identifies cylinder will be empty in few days and also provides detection of gas leakage for better service to the consumers and reduce the scope of irregularities.

In this system we can also add advancement such as to completely shut down the power unit of the entire cabin or household so that we will assure high level of security in case of gas leakage and instant message service will help someone who is not at the location to be aware of the danger.

Block Diagram


  • COMSUMER SIDE : Uses a Smartphone to monitor the system
  • GAS AGENCY SIDE: They use a smart-phone and a PC to fetch the data.

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